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With a milder climate than the rest of the UK, the South West of England is an enchanting area and those who visit are richly rewarded.

Located just a few hours from London by car, a scenic train journey or short one hour flight, the rural west country of England has much to entice.

As far west as it is possible to go, Cornwall and Devon are lands of contrast, from sub-tropical gardens tumbling down to sheltered turquoise estuaries to majestic cliffs pounded by the roaring Atlantic.  Quaint working fishing harbours are scattered along the coast and it’s here that boats land some of the nation’s freshest and finest seafood.

Step away from the coast and you’ll find thatched cottages nestled in gorgeous green valleys whilst up on higher ground lie untamed moorlands, home to wild ponies, rooted in folklore and strewn with ancient monuments.  In fact, the entire region is abound with significant historical sites as well as medieval castles and statuesque stately homes, each representing a fascinating past.

Additionally, world-class attractions draw international visitors yearly, from iconic galleries to prized gardens.  Then there are the award-winning vineyards, micro-breweries and top-notch eateries, many run by celebrity chefs, all delivering high-end regional produce.

Travel times

By air:

London – 1 hour  |  Manchester – 1 hour  |  Edinburgh – 1 hour  |  Dublin – 1 hour  |  Paris – 2 hours

By car:

London – 3-5 hours

By rail:

London – 3-5 hours

Travel Tips

By air

Two airports service the South West, each offering direct daily flights into London airports in under an hour.

Exeter Airport - Location
Cornwall Airport Newquay - Location

Cornwall Airport Newquay

Cornwall Airport Newquay

By rail

Mainline trains journey frequently from London, offering first class comfort on some of the most scenic railways in Britain.

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Great Western Railway


By car

Explore the English countryside by car – the easy to navigate main roads proffer breath-taking views.

By coach

Coaches make frequent trips between London, Cornwall and Devon. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.